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Immigration Lawyer Moose Jaw Saskatchewan - The purpose of the class of immigration called the "Family Class" is to help ensure that families are reunited. Our company's Immigration Law practitioners can help you in bringing your family together. We assist with the submission and completion of documents and forms to the Immigration authorities. Our objective is to be able to assist you through the entire immigration procedure.

Under the Family Class are the following relatives: spouse, conjugal partner, common-law partner, dependent child, adopted child, grandparent, parent, or an orphaned relative under 18 years of age who is the sponsor's sister or brother, niece, nephew, grandchild or adopted child. In this particular nation, in order to bring a family together a sponsor is needed. The sponsor should be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of this country or a permanent resident residing here. The sponsor must file a sponsorship application to Citizenship and Immigration. Depending on the kind of relationship between the sponsor and the family member, a different set of forms, requirements, and supporting papers are required.

A sponsorship application is often processed in eight weeks starting from the date it is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration authorities, so long as all the required forms are correctly accomplished, and all information and supporting documents are included.

Spouses have to be at least sixteen years old and be legally married to the sponsor by the civil authorities of a nation. The marriage is considered to be legal in Canada, if the marriage is legal within the nation where it took place. A marriage certificate, given by the civil authorities of the country where the marriage happened, is considered necessary in order to prove that the spouse and sponsor are lawfully married. A divorce certificate issued by a Court should be submitted in situations where one of the parties was formerly married.

For a specified period of time, common-law partners must have lived with the sponsor in a conjugal relationship. This particular kind of relationship begins on the particular day a couple opts to physically share a home. Within a common-law relationship, there is no record to be able to prove that a couple is residing together. However, there are papers which can help to prove the existence of a common-law relationship, like for example joint bank accounts and credit cards, property or lease agreements in both names, papers showing the same address, and insurance policies.

A dependent child under the Family Class, is a dependent child is either an adopted child or a biological child under the age of 22. This particular child should not have ever been in a common-law relationship or married and was supported financially by the parent. The daughter or son could be over twenty two years of age if she or he is unable, because of a mental or physical condition, to support him or herself.

The relationships must be proven through papers issued by civil authorities between the parent of the sponsored child, the grandparent, the sponsor, or an orphaned relative below eighteen years of age who is the sponsor's brother or sister, nephew, niece, grandchild, or adopted child.

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Located on the Moose Jaw River within south-central Saskatchewan is the city of Moose Jaw. The people of the city fondly refer to themselves as Moose Javians. To the east of the city, approximately 77 kilometers away, is Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina is easily accessible by the Trans-Canada Highway, which conveniently runs right through Moose Jaw. The municipality of Moose Jaw is well known as being tourist and retirement friendly.

During the year 1857, the municipality was initially named "Moose Jaw Bone Creek" by John Palliser. There are some theories as to how the name was decided. The first theory is that, when looking at a map, the shape of the Moose Jaw River resembles the jaw of a moose...