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Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Family Law - A great deal of emotional stress can be the effect of a family breakup. Within this country, family law comprises numerous different parts and pieces of legislation. Our family law lawyer will navigate the complexities of family law for you, and assist you to be able to understand the relevant legislation as it applies to your particular situation.

We have a goal at our company to allow you to reach an amicable solutions to the high expenses connected with the court procedure. At times these negotiations however do not achieve the desired results. If it becomes necessary, we will help you all through every step of the court procedure to be able to attain the best possible outcome.

We provide assistance related to the preparation of marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, divorce (uncontested or contested), preparation and negotiation of separation agreements, and resolution of issues about property division, custody, access, spousal and child support.

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Located on the Moose Jaw River within south-central Saskatchewan is the city of Moose Jaw. The people of the city fondly refer to themselves as Moose Javians. To the east of the city, approximately 77 kilometers away, is Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina is easily accessible by the Trans-Canada Highway, which conveniently runs right through Moose Jaw. The municipality of Moose Jaw is well known as being tourist and retirement friendly.

During the year 1857, the municipality was initially named "Moose Jaw Bone Creek" by John Palliser. There are some theories as to how the name was decided. The first theory is that, when looking at a map, the shape of the Moose Jaw River resembles the jaw of a moose...