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Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Divorce - During divorce proceedings, property rights are determined by Part 1 and Part II or the Family Law Act. The value of the house itself and the way it is divided is specifically handled by Part II, whilst Part I takes care of the rest of the property. Only those who have entered into a lawful marriage are eligible to take advantage of these laws. Couples of the same sex who are officially married are also part of this particular grouping.

Property that has been accrued through the marriage is the only property which is entitled to be divided. "Equalization" is the procedure that is used to divide the values evenly amongst the spouses. During this procedure, the value for each and every person's net family property is calculated. The spouse with the lower net family property value gets half of the difference between their net family properties.

The term 'property' in this particular case is something which is bought by the individual as well as anything registered under their name. In the case where anything is registered under both spouse's names, the value is divided evenly between the two.

In order to determine who gets the kitchen appliances and furniture, it is often up to the spouses. To have to lawyers determine who should get what would cost much more then the worth of the furniture itself.

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Located on the Moose Jaw River within south-central Saskatchewan is the city of Moose Jaw. The people of the city fondly refer to themselves as Moose Javians. To the east of the city, approximately 77 kilometers away, is Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina is easily accessible by the Trans-Canada Highway, which conveniently runs right through Moose Jaw. The municipality of Moose Jaw is well known as being tourist and retirement friendly.

During the year 1857, the municipality was initially named "Moose Jaw Bone Creek" by John Palliser. There are some theories as to how the name was decided. The first theory is that, when looking at a map, the shape of the Moose Jaw River resembles the jaw of a moose...