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Criminal Law Firms in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan - In our firm, we specialize in Intellectual Property & Technology law providing a full range of services to clients about the aspects associated to intellectual property. This may include copyrights, trade-marks, licensing, industrial design, trade secrets, biotechnology, software, confidentiality, and other technology problems. We are proactive in our method to providing timely solutions to clients' problems.

We offer our services to lots of clients from both the private and public sectors. Our passionate business clients care about the innovative services and products, providing the creative energy in order to be successful. They come from diverse fields like for instance the film, software, music, manufacturing, travel, and service industries. Our company provides sophisticated legal tools and services meant to protect and secure our clients' products and services. When clients have international concerns, we work extensively with foreign legal counsel to provide solutions.

To be able to solve the several technological and business challenges, our company seek to apply innovative approaches. We keep up with all the latest trends in technology and emerging media, to alert our clients to any probable legal impacts. To be able to ensure a full range of legal services are accessible to our clients, our lawyers form client teams with other lawyers, when appropriate.


The members of our practice offer expert suggestion concerning international copyright conventions and copyright legislation. Copyright holders would receive advice regarding infringement and enforcement. We likewise review and draft license arrangements, and assist with the protection and registration of clients' copyright both worldwide and domestically.


As registered Trade-mark Agents, we prosecute and prepare trade-mark applications, carry out name searches and trade-mark, represent clients in trade-mark litigation, acquire clearance and pre-clearance both nationwide and globally, and conduct trade-mark licensing. We draw upon established relationships with a broad network of trade-mark agents in various jurisdictions to be able to assist clients involved in globalized name and mark arrangements. This ensures smooth delivery on an inter-jurisdictional basis. Clients get assistance in the enforcement of trade-mark rights and the resolution of disputes in the administrative forums and courts.


We now have clients who are involved in the commercialization and development of new software and various innovative services and products. Our existing services can help the many new and emerging organizations and companies in the following fields: biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, hospitals; video game development and publishing; and software publishing and design. Our technology experts advise clients concerning issues like for instance e-business and the internet, utilizing "open source" code, systems acquisitions, licensing, technology transfers, technology aspects of commercial mergers and transactions, joint ventures, distribution agreements, corporate structure and financing, as well as strategic alliances.


The members in our practice provide practical legal advice to clients on contractual matters connected to patents, like for instance the acquisition and licensing of patent rights.

Industrial Design

Our industrial design professionals help clients in the preparation and prosecution of industrial design registrations in Canada. Right referrals to U.S. agents in connection with design patents within the U.S. could likewise be offered.


We likewise litigate for our clients in issues pertaining to disputes involving confidentiality agreements, industrial design, copyright, licensing, trade-marks, passing off, trade secrets and patents.

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Located on the Moose Jaw River within south-central Saskatchewan is the city of Moose Jaw. The people of the city fondly refer to themselves as Moose Javians. To the east of the city, approximately 77 kilometers away, is Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina is easily accessible by the Trans-Canada Highway, which conveniently runs right through Moose Jaw. The municipality of Moose Jaw is well known as being tourist and retirement friendly.

During the year 1857, the municipality was initially named "Moose Jaw Bone Creek" by John Palliser. There are some theories as to how the name was decided. The first theory is that, when looking at a map, the shape of the Moose Jaw River resembles the jaw of a moose...